Beyond Gong

(English below)

Auf einmal sind es drei.
So wie der EARTH Gong helfen möchte, sich mit der Vergangenheit auszusöhnen
und der HEAVEN Gong eine Perspektive für die Zukunft aufzeigt,
so repräsentiert der BEYOND Gong das All-Gegenwärtige „Schaue dahinter“.

Auch von den BEYONG Gongs wird es eine limitierte Auflage geben.
Elf Gongs, jeder einzigartig und individuell gestaltet
aber mit der gleichen Idee dahinter.
140 cm Durchmesser aus Alpaka (Neusilber)

Damit kann die Reise jetzt losgehen:
The Journey Beyond Gong


Suddenly there are three.
Just as the EARTH gong wants to help to reconcile with the past
and the HEAVEN gong shows a perspective for the future
is the BEYOND gong the omnipresent „Look beyond“.

Also the BEYOND gongs will be a limited edition.
Eleven gongs, each unique and individual created
but with the same idea beyond.
55 inches made of nickel silver.

Now the journey can begin:
The Journey Beyond Gong.

2 Gedanken zu „Beyond Gong“

  1. I absolutely love your work Martin. Jens Zygar, who is coming to our place in london to do his integral training, has told me that there is a year long waiting list for your gongs; is this correct for the Heaven and Earthgongs? Can I put down a deposit?
    Perhaps you might come to London with some gongs and showcase them some time…:)

    1. And I would love to visit you.

      There is no waiting list for the Karma Gongs. I only locked the sales because I need all my energy to prepare my big Down Under tour.
      But there is a waiting list for events. If you want me to visit you please let’s talk asap about a date.

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