Karma Gong Meditation

Karma Gong Meditation

The Karma Gongs are a pair of hand forged gongs
of bronze and titanium, by Martin Bläse.
The bronze EARTH gong has a deep connection
to the bronze age in the northern hemisphere.
It is played to heal the roots.
The titanium HEAVEN gong helps you
to open up your mind for new possibilities.
It is played to bless the future.
Several other resonating objects will take you back to reality
in a peaceful way.

Martin Bläse from Germany is Master of Silversmithing,
third generation Gong Maker, Gong Player,
Meditation Facilitator and creator of wonderful instruments.

Tuesday May 14, 8-9:30 PM
Cost $25 paid online or $30 cash on night
For bookings/payment: www.livingevents/gong-healing
or contact Cara on 9712 0601

The Kangaroo Ground Centre
25 Donaldson Road
Kangaroo Ground, VIC, 3097

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